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Rohingya Refugee Emergency

On Monday, March 22, 2021, a fire ripped through a Rohingya refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Initial reports indicate the fire left 15 dead, as many as 400 people missing, hundreds injured, and over 50,000 people without homes. This comes on top of the ethnic cleansing that drove some 723,000 Rohingya Refugees to Bangladesh in August of 2017 and the recent military coup in Myanmar.


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Covid-19 and a Hunger Crisis in Bangladesh

Bangladeshis were looking ahead to a bright future for their country, on the heels of a decade of remarkable economic growth. But they now find themselves in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis. Ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic reach deep, and it has put Bangladesh on the brink of a severe humanitarian crisis. Many have lost their livelihood, and significant parts of the population are at risk of possible starvation. They need our help, urgently.


Let's help them fight hunger

We are a diverse international group of volunteers fundraising for Bangladesh, to help them fight hunger as they deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, an event we truly hope remains as rare if not rarer than once in a hundred years.

In addition to raising awareness and collecting donations, we care deeply about making the most of a donor’s money. So we have convened a team of college students, a professor specializing in economic development, and individuals with ground experience volunteering in Bangladesh to research and thoroughly vet NGOs and grassroots volunteer groups on behalf of the donors.

Our two main priorities are vetting and fundraising

Real world change happening now

Meet the NGOs and volunteer groups

Small group. Big impact.

Making a difference with your donation

Our aim is to collect and distribute donations to those who are making the biggest difference in fighting hunger. We hope our commitment and expertise will allow donors to feel confident that every dollar they contribute through us will be used to its fullest. All members of our team are volunteering for free and we do not work for any of the NGOs or grassroots projects we are vetting.

We hope you will join us in our fight to thwart this humanitarian crisis and to help save lives from being lost to hunger.

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A word from our donors

I gave to Nourish Bangladesh because my donation not only helps meet the humanitarian needs of the people of Bangladesh, but also supports an amazing mission. Nourish Bangladesh is not an NGO; it focuses on fundraising and vetting. Through years of experience, first-hand knowledge, and a background in development economics, Nourish Bangladesh is uniquely qualified to direct needed funds to NGOs and grassroots volunteer organizations. I saw this firsthand as a Carleton student participating Professor Bhuiyan’s Microeconomic Development Seminar in Bangladesh. In order to utilize funds to tackle humanitarian crises, it is necessary to 1) make connections with the community, NGOs, government, and other key stakeholders; 2) understand the needs of the community and the socio-economic factors at play; and 3) understand the work being performed by NGOs/volunteers. Nourish Bangladesh developed these needed competencies over years of visits to Bangladesh, building relationships with communities and stakeholders, performing site visits of NGOs, and analyzing development economics research on Bangladesh and countries around the world. I was elated to hear Professor Bhuiyan planned to leverage his platform to put the classroom into action! I urge you to support Nourish Bangladesh any way you can. Your support will make a life changing impact for those most in need!

Brandon Fabel
St. Paul, MN, USA

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